What’s something that’s not food doing on a cooking website? I’ve said for many years that if you wouldn’t eat something, you shouldn’t rub it into your skin because it will enter your body. Here’s the perfect thing to keep your skin healthy and, yes, you could eat it but it won’t taste great. Adding a few drops of essential oil for scent is optional. I use balsam fir essential oil for “Mister Meat Face” (Tallow balm is great for beards too!) and vanilla essential oil for “Missus Meat Face”. Find a scent you like or don’t use any at all.

Time: 20 minutes (plus cooling time)


500g beef tallow (preferably grass-fed)
50g honey
Essential oil (optional)

Place a suitable pot on medium-low heat.

Add the tallow and honey.

Warm until just melted, stirring occasionally.

Remove from heat and let cool until the mixture turns fully opaque again. You can refrigerate or place it outside briefly to save time. Do not let it become solid. 

Using a stick blender, whip the mixture by moving the blender up and down to work air into the tallow.

Add a few drops of essential oil for scent if desired. Whip to blend evenly.

Store unrefrigerated in glass jars.

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