A five kilo slab of pork shoulder makes for some serious meal prep! Feel free to scale the recipe down but keep the cooking time and temperature the same. Tacos for a year anybody?

Time: 24 hours (10 minutes active)

Serves: 25


50g salt
30g Mexican chili powder
30g sugar
15g onion powder
10g garlic powder
5g ground cumin
5g fresh ground black pepper
5kg boneless pork shoulder
15ml liquid smoke (optional)

Preheat water bath to 74C.

In a suitable bowl, combine all dry ingredients.

Apply evenly to pork shoulder. 

Place pork and any fallen spice mixture in a large vacuum bag and add liquid smoke.

Vacuum seal bag (or use water displacement if using a zipper seal freezer bag).

Place pork in water bath for twenty-four hours.

Remove pork from bath. Place pork and its juices in a large bowl and shred with two forks.

Serve immediately or refrigerate/freeze for future use. 

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