Precision Nutrition Certified coach

We all want to be healthy and happy. We’re also busy. That means having an easy-to-follow nutrition plan that doesn’t require counting calories or weighing everything we eat. To be sustainable, it’s got to allow us to eat (and drink) the things we really enjoy. We need the flexibility to socialize, travel, and relax. We aren’t robots.

As a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, it’s my mission to help you develop healthy eating habits for life. That means:

  • Eating fresh, minimally-processed food as often as possible.
  • Including a balance of protein, veggies, carbs and, healthy fats.
  • Adjusting portions to meet health and body composition goals.

Let me help you reach your goal, whether that be losing fat, building muscle, or simply feeling healthy. Just as in business or any aspect of life, hiring a coach for guidance and accountability is best, though that’s not in everybody’s budget. That’s why I provide packages at varied price points.

Get in touch to schedule a no-charge discovery meeting to see if we’re a good fit to work together!

“We’re in this Together” $250 per month or $2000 per year

  • One-on-one nutrition coaching to provide personalized, situation-specific guidance, ensuring your success even with complex personal or professional schedules
  • Weekly email check-ins to keep you on track
  • Unlimited text/email support
  • Scheduled 15-minute weekly video or telephone consultations
  • Fully customized, easy-to-follow, printable nutrition plan (updated as required to keep your progress going)

“I May Need a Little Push” $150 per month or $1500 per year

  • Fully customized, easy-to-follow, printable nutrition plan
  • Email check-ins every two weeks to keep you on track
  • Twice a week text/email support

“Just Give Me the Plan” $60 for a two-month plan

  • Fully customized, 60-day, easy-to-follow, printable nutrition plan
  • Initial text/email exchange to answer questions and get you started

You can see a sample of the nutrition plan here. By now you might have some other questions as well. Get in touch with me at Let’s work together!