Stop buying that flavourless, chemical-laden junk in the bottle and make your own Caesar dressing. It takes less than ten minutes and you’ll never go back. I’ve been asked for the recipe many times and frankly, I’ve never used one. I usually just make it to taste and it was about time for me to measure and record, so here it is.

This is basically heavily flavoured mayonnaise and the fastest way to make it is with a stick blender. You can put everything but the oil in a small food processor, turn on the processor and drizzle in the oil or even use an old-fashioned whisk, but why? The air trapped in the base of the stick blender lets you create an emulsion almost instantly and from there, you just move the blender around to make sure everything gets incorporated.

If somehow you don’t get an emulsion, but a “broken” sauce the first time, put a small amount of cold water in another jar and run your blender while drizzling in the broken sauce.

Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 8


1 egg yolk
1 anchovy filet
15g Worcestershire sauce
10g fresh lemon juice
5g Louisiana style hot sauce
1 clove garlic – minced or grated
1 pinch fresh ground black pepper
1 pinch kosher salt
150g grapeseed or other neutral-flavoured oil



Place all ingredients except the oil in a tall, narrow jar. Slowly pour the oil on top so it remains in a separate layer.

Place a stick blender straight into the container while it is turned off, trapping some air in its base. Holding the blender against the bottom, turn it on. Move the blender up and down to mix the now emulsified dressing.

Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to one week.

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