I know it’s been a string of meal-prep-quantity protein recipes lately, but it’s intentional. Most people struggle to consume enough lean protein daily (optimally at least two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight) and having tasty options handy makes them more likely to hit that daily target.

Here I’ve added bacon to super lean turkey breast for moisture, flavour, and texture. Make a double batch, freeze the patties and just toss them on the grill with some asparagus when you need a quick dinner.

Time: 10 minutes (plus cooking time)

Serves: 8


900g ground turkey breast
150g bacon – chopped
10g salt
5g onion powder
1g fresh ground black pepper


Place all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix with your hands to evenly distribute seasoning and bacon.

Form into eight patties.

Freeze or cook immediately (medium grill or pan works best) to an internal temperature of 74C.

Get the PDF and nutriton info

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