Pressure cooking a whole chicken is great for saving time and the meat will be the most tender and juicy you’ve ever had. Pressure cooking a chicken also results in gross, soggy, chicken skin. Nobody wants that, so why season the skin only to discard it? Skin the chicken before seasoning so that all those great flavours make it to your mouth! You can use a piece of paper towel to get a better grip on the skin and don’t worry about the wings. If you can cook it in a pan on a trivet as I did, you’ll end up with an amazing, concentrated jus that can be used for a sauce or soup base.

Time: 60 minutes

Serves: 6


1.5kg (approximately) whole chicken
8g salt
3g garlic powder
2g dried oregano
2g dried basil


Place one cup of water in your pressure cooker.

Remove the skin from the chicken and discard or reserve for stock.

Evenly sprinkle the remaining ingredients over the entire outside of the chicken.

Place the chicken in a small pan on a trivet or in a steamer basket in the pressure cooker.

Seal the cooker and cook the chicken for 30 minutes, counting time once pressure is reached.

Remove the cooker from heat and safely vent the pressure.

Serve immediately.

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