If you’ve ever tried an Eat-More candy bar, you’ll understand the reference. Chocolate and peanuts combined in a bar so chewy and sticky, you’d swear it could remove your fillings.

I constantly tell people about the benefits of eating whole, unprocessed foods. That said, there are times where you have to settle for convenience and protein bars fit the bill. Making your own protein bars means you’re still using a processed protein powder but the end nutrition result is far better than anything I’ve found in a store and has a short list of ingredients. I wrote this recipe using Kaizen Naturals protein powder, made with whey isolate from grass-fed cows and sweetened with stevia. Canadian Protein natural concentrate also works well. If you try a different powder, your results may vary – as in you may end up with syrup that makes a giant mess and won’t form into a bar. To keep your bars from drying out in the fridge, vacuum seal them if possible.

Time: 20 minutes 

Serves: 16 


670g Kaizen Naturals protein powder (chocolate or vanilla) 
220g large flake oats 
40g cocoa powder
250g nut butter 
320g water
80g honey 


Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl.  

Place wet ingredients in a microwave safe container and warm in microwave. Stir together.  

Pour wet ingredients over dry and stir. Knead like bread until everything is well combined and you can see a colour change from the protein powder becoming saturated.  

Form into sixteen bars and refrigerate to set. Store refrigerated, ideally vacuum sealed. 

Get the PDF and nutriton info

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