You should grill up some cheeseburgers and give this a try. If your stick blender will hold enough air in the blade housing, you can put all the ingredients except the chopped dill pickle into the narrow mixing vessel, put the blender all the way to the bottom without activating it, then turn it on while slowly lifting it to the top of the mixture. Instant mayo! If you haven’t got a stick blender, you can put everything but the oil and chopped pickle into a shallow bowl and slowly drizzle in the oil while constantly whisking. If the mixture breaks (doesn’t emulsify and get thick) you can try again without wasting anything. YouTube search “how to fix broken mayo”.

Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 10


30g vinegar-based dill pickle brine
10g white vinegar
3g salt
1 egg yolk
150ml cold-pressed avocado oil (or other cold-pressed neutral-flavoured oil)
1 dill pickle – finely chopped


Place pickle brine, vinegar, salt, and egg yolk in a narrow vessel suitable for a stick blender.

Begin blending and slowly drizzle in oil. Stop blending once emulsified.

Fold in chopped dill pickle.

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