These blends are fantastic on ground meat, whole cuts, roasts… They don’t have salt as I often dry-brine (salt the meat overnight before cooking) and, so you can tailor the salt level to your liking. The sugar is there to help brown the meat and has no real nutritional impact at such a small amount. Get blending and be sure to share some of your creations!

Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients for Bold Beef Blend:

15g black pepper
10g sugar
10g onion powder
10g garlic powder
5g mustard powder
5g Mexican chili powder

Ingredients for S&G Poultry Blend:
10g dried sage
10g sugar
5g dried parsley
5g dried rosemary
5g dried thyme
5g dried oregano
5g dried basil
5g black pepper
3g bay leaf


Place all ingredients in a spice blender/coffee grinder and blend until fine.

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